Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Small Morning Hour

It was well past midnight when we pulled into a gas station, which against the surrounding pitch-black nightscape appeared warmly inviting like some sort of home.

At this small hour there was less light, less noise, less activities. Yet whatever remaining seemed magnified; lights seemed brighter, sound sharper, even the gas smelt stronger.

In the refreshment area, the aroma of coffee and newly baked donuts felt immensely enticing. A few customers looked up, watching us curiously. I nodded at them, wondering who they were and what circumstances had led them here, away from home at this hour. At a busier time, in a public place like this one, nobody would have paid attention to anybody for sure.

Now I understand why they say less is more, I thought. With less distraction my senses actually picked up who and what around me with more clarity, making them more interesting. We sat down by a window, coffee in hand. The darkness outside seemed like a big unknown which we would soon venture into.

Not a bad way to start this new year. All I have to do is to get rid of noises from my life and carry only those things that matter into the uncharted territory of the days to come. A titillating sensation was creeping up my spine, and to the puzzlement of my companion I smiled happily.

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