Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How's Your Tank Filling Up?

I spent a few minutes on New Year's Day to contemplate my days past and days to come while looking at the somber dry grass in my winter front lawn. It occurred to me that inside each of us there must be some sort of a tank which holds the knowledge and experiences we've accumulated over the years, and which governs our current way of living.

A young person doesn't have much in his tank, so he has to draw guidance from somewhere else, trying different philosophies and viewpoints for size. Like a ship without cargo, he still has to find his own balance.

With maturity, a man's tank is full enough to have a settling effect on him, but there's still room for acquiring more wisdom. Like a ship with enough freight in its hold, he sails the oceans with joy and confidence; yet with an open attitude he is also likely to gain new ideas and get to see new shores.

Well, it sounds very nice and all, except that it only works if we accumulate the right kind of material in our tanks. For many people, throughout their life, collect no gold dust but only useless dirt.

So, how's your tank filling up?

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