Tuesday, November 11, 2008

They Do Not Linger

Fall is almost gone, and so are its colors. Just a week ago the trees were still wearing their thick golden crowns that lit up the whole landscape in fiery splendor. Now suddenly they look as if they all just got a terrible haircut.

The hasty departure of the beauty of fall has caught me by surprise. I was planning for a long hike in the mountains to submerge myself in an outlandish world which was visually intense yet mellow and soothing like a pleasant dream. I was looking forward to following the meandering paths paved with fallen leaves which would make tiny crackling sounds under my feet; listening to the rustle of the playful wind among the shuddering trees; or sitting by a quiet lake which would reflect a blue piece of sky, some white patches of cloud, and a glow of red and golden from the forest in its clear and tranquil water. Only a few busy days, then it is already too late, and I will have to wait for another year to catch up with this marvel of nature.

I suppose the best things in life never linger around. They are like a passing train which you have to jump onto, otherwise you would be left alone in a cold and dreary place smack in the middle of nowhere, with regrets nibbling your heart away.

Late fall near the Potomac River