Monday, November 15, 2010

Could a Thinking Brick Be a Happy One?

A brick, if it's lucky, is part of a wall, which is part of a building, which in its turn is part of a city, and so on. What would happen when a brick starts asking questions about the wall, the building, the city and beyond?

Could the wall be broken and covered with moss, the building abandoned, the city in ruins, the planet lifeless, the universe in its dying throes? Or could the wall be smartly designed and maintained, the building a masterpiece of architecture in a world teeming with energy and life? There could be a dozen of different scenarios, but there's no way for the brick to know for sure.

Poor thinking brick, and poor thinking me, agonizing over questions way beyond our minds. Better get back to the things of our own level and be happy with what we can grasp, the way a cow happily eats its grass while blissfully unaware that the local butcher has set his eyes on her.