Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Greatest Hits

My favorite guy in the TV series Lost is Charlie Pace. He might not be of very strong character, but he's kind and brave without knowing it. Having learned that he was destined to die, Charlie made a list of five happiest moments in his young life. Being a musician, he called them his greatest hits.

Learning from Charlie, I tried to make a list of my own greatest hits. Sadly, my list was even shorter than his. Has my life been really that lacking in these magic moments when everything in the world feels so right and a glowing warmth fills up my heart? Have I really been that unfortunate?

All I'm wondering at this moment is whether I'll be able to put together a longer list of my greatest hits five years from now. And I'm wondering which plays the major role in this game -- fate, free will, or just chance.

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