Sunday, November 27, 2011

Counterfeit Money

On my desk is a counterfeit detector pen. A couple of months ago my sister bought me one after the news that a woman in Conyers had been caught trying to use counterfeit money to pay for cupcakes. Criminal as her action was, it was at least rational because she deceived other people for her own benefit.

What baffles me is when people knowingly keep counterfeit money and circulate it among themselves as if it were real. Of course I'm not literally talking about money but about values. Too many people hold on to empty values and build their worlds around them without stopping a minute to think. Dogmatism, prejudice, pride, vanity, conformity, even cowardice and fear, whatever the reason may be, the point is that life is invariably wasted when it is built on a hollow foundation.

It's a shame when one person deceives another for gain. It's a weeping shame when people deceive themselves into collective foolishness.

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