Thursday, December 30, 2010

End-of-Year Reflections

On this penultimate day of the year I feel compelled to write down some thoughts on the dark side of life. I guess once something in my mind has been clearly expressed in words and tucked away in a file, then I can drop it and move on to newer pastures.

It already occurred to me, a long long time back, that at the core of wickedness is destruction - the destruction not just of objects, but also of freedom, dignity and happiness. Since destruction, i.e. the rise of disorder, is a natural tendency as stated by the second law of thermodynamics, I've come to accept wickedness as a natural propensity of existence. While good things require constant energy to create and maintain, bad things generally do not need any effort but prosper on negligence.

In my view, life is a mixture of construction and destruction fighting each other for supremacy. If I let down my guard then darkness will sneak right in and make my soul miserable, like weed eagerly waiting for neglection to take over a garden.

I could write hundreds of entries telling about the bad things I've encountered in my life, but what good would that do anyone including myself? Nobody wants to be dragged down by being reminded of negativity, for the world's already abundant in it. On the other hand, by choosing to focus on things positive, I refuse to be subjected to any influence by wickedness or destructivity, whatever name one might prefer to call it. That way I can keep the light in, the dark out, and win a small battle.

And on this note I'd like to put my mind at rest regarding the inevitably unpleasant aspect of life.

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