Thursday, November 27, 2014

Corinna, Corinna

About 200 miles south of Atlanta I stopped by a McDonald's for lunch. Normally I frown on fast food, but while on the road one cannot be choosy and convenience seems more important.

I was tired but lighthearted. My old worrying self had departed for a while now, and things were looking up. There was this gentle but perpetual warmth inside that formed an easy smile on my face. Some people looked at me and smiled back.

An old, familiar song started playing. "I love Corinna, tell the world I do..." This song came out long before I was even born; but the soft, loving melody still told me of tender love, young and trusting, simple and sincere, undiluted and unabashed. It struck a sensitive chord and triggered a buoyancy in me.

The road ahead was still long though.

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