Thursday, August 28, 2008

Reaching Out for a Tune

Last night I watched a movie, an Italian production named The Orange Thief. It was a mildly interesting movie about a guy who stole oranges for a living, a thug who was in jail, and a wild girl who could really sing.

The orange thief was caught and thrown in jail. He shared a cell with the thug, who wanted him to sing a song. The guard had left a guitar outside the cell, but the bars were too close together for the prisoners to get it inside. So the thief put his arms through the bars, picked up the instrument, and played.

The scene of a man in jail reaching outside to play a guitar was an inspiring one to me. It didn't matter that he was singing about something as humble and quaint as a little donkey. If I could reach out from my own jail just to strike a cheerful tune, then maybe I could bring a little more sunshine into my life and hopefully someone else's life as well.

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