Friday, March 7, 2008

Another Suitcase

Last night I re-watched Evita and was struck by a couple of lines from the lyrics by Tim Rice:

Another suitcase in another hall
Take your picture off another wall...

It is an astonishingly apt description of the end of a stage in life. In me, it evokes a mixed bag of emotion ranging from regret, reluctance, uncertainty to eager expectation and elation, depending on the circumstances under which I removed my pictures from a wall to pack them in a suitcase. Regardless of particularities, change is the theme.

Not necessarily a change of physical location. Losing something and gaining something else, it happens all the time. Family and friends, job and relationship, health and wealth, all are subjected to time-induced fluctuations. For better or for worse, change is intrinsic to life.

And so whenever I start feeling settled and comfortable, I know it is about time to get me another suitcase.

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